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Launch it, activate it, taste it, sample it ... whatever your business has to offer, we can promote it. So we dare say ... just bring it. We'll tailor-make the perfect campaign to boost your brand.

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Hypothetically speaking, you wouldn't allow an electrical engineer to perform open heart surgery on you, if that was the help you were seeking. Hire our well-trained, experienced professionals. The most suited hands for the job at hand.

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Reach them by catching their eye, engage with them ... make them aware and make them fall in love with your brand. Loyally your customers will tell ... and exceedingly your brand will sell.


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Movers and shakers, rattle and rollers, being passionately mad about meeting your needs we bring out the big guns to perform your brand-promoting deeds. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust. We deliver.

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Mascots in New Zealand

Ever been to a sports event where one, or two live mascots, invaded the field and entertained the crowd with their overly exaggerated heads and their ever so humoristic theatrics? They may look like they’re clowning around, but the presence of mascots at any event serves a much greater purpose, one not so familiar to the general public … increasing brand awareness.